Initially our Welfare Service can be directly accessed through our Veterans Virtual Hub which is open most days, where someone will be around to take some referral details. This will be conducted in private. You can access the hub by clicking the hub image above.

Because we recognise that attending Therapy or meetings to do with your welfare, is very personal, and you may not feel like mixing with anyone in the general hub, once you have been referred to Forces Online CIO’s Welfare Department for any treatment or guidance, you will be given a different link for any online Zoom meetings. This will be more private between you and your allocated Forces Online CIO’s Caseworker.

It is worth noting that Forces Online CIO’s Welfare Service is not geared up for Emergencies, where you or a family member or friend is in danger of harming themselves even if they are having treatment by the organisation. In this instance Forces Online CIO recommend that you either contact the emergency services via 999 or the Samaritans on number shown below.