• A virtual counselling service for veterans’ and their families.
  • Welfare support
  • Sign Posting to appropriate services
  • Virtual support groups
  • Benefits Calculation
  • Legal Advice & Support
  • Finance & Tax related issues
  • Housing & Homeless Signposting & Support
  • Support with form filling and letter writing
  • Phones and Sim cards for veterans going through hardship
  • General Advice (Medals, Family Records, Pensions, etc).

PLEASE NOTE - We are not an emergency service if this is required then please click Emergency Section on the top menu bar

We offer a FREE one to one counselling service with registered counsellors from mild to moderate anxiety and depression, to more complex cases including PTSD.

This service is for British Armed Forces Veterans and  close family members.

Our Welfare Aid workers offer regular support and guidance to veteran's and family members via telephone or VirtualHub.


Our Welfare Advice team can be accessed by calling 0300 300 2288 or through our contact page above or by joining an advisor on our Veterans VirtualHub (Click Here) during opening times.

We allow referrals from: - Note Beneficiary means the person being referred.

Self - A veterans who wants to self refer. CLICK HERE (Self Referral) for Welfare Support

Family/Friends - Associate with a veteran that needs support CLICK HERE (Family Referral) For Welfare Support

Agencies - Registered agencies who are looking for addition support for a veteran and/or close family member * CLICK HERE (Agency Referral) For Welfare Support

Military Colleagues - who served or know of a veteran needing support CLICK HERE (Colleague Referral) for Welfare Support

  • The veteran or close family member should be aware of the referral.

HARDSHIP We provide non-counselling services/advice involving phones/laptops and financil support through  the Tom Howat Memorial Hardship Fund CLICK HERE Agencies Only - (Phones, Laptops & Food Vouchers)

The team can aslo be reached from 10am-4pm on the Veterans VirtualHub (Monday - Friday) CLICK HERE

Welfare Support is a Forces Online Project allowing Veterans, their families and dependentst to access our Welfare Support team and other Welfare Aid ServicesAid services

Other Projects that Forces Online manage are:

The Main Site - Forces Online

Our main charity website thast links all the projects together

The VirtualHub

Our Veterans drop-in platform open from 10am Monday-Saturday

The Veterans Directory (Free to Join)

Our information site which is UK Wide (See members below)

The Tom Howat Memorial Hardship Fund

Our restricted hardship fund (Free Phones and Laptops and financial guidence)